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Trench Drains For Pools

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Whether it’s properly draining precipitation or collecting water splashing from the room trench drains are a suitable application for proper pool drainage. Both neutral and sloped trench drains can be used. A radius system or linear system can be used.

Keep in mind

Think about where you want the water to go. A catch basin to filter the water and reuse is always a good, environmentally friendly idea.

Rectangular pools

For rectangular pools, a rectangular enclosure can be used with 4 pre-fabricated corners. Make sure to check and see what accessories would also need to be used such as end caps and outlets.

Circular pools

For circular pools, a radius system can be used.

Our recommendation

We recommend ADA grates so people don’t injure themselves. Also, UV-resistant finishes are a good idea to protect the integrity of the grate over time. Grates with better traction when wet can prevent slipping when entering and exiting the pool.

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