Golf course trench drains. Keeping the course playable.

When it comes to draining a golf course, an inadequate or poorly designed infrastructure will limit play. Not even the most skilled of green keepers will be able to keep the grass dry. Proper drainage is an absolute must, especially today, where golfers seek a golf course that is tip top condition and ready to play on irrespective of the weather. They expect to play on a course that is maintained on a day to day basis. Trench drain systems are key to keeping the course dry and well maintained.

The most harrowing thing about poor drainage is the fact you will not be able to identify the damage until the condition further deteriorate and it the golf course is deemed inadequate to play on. This is why a channel drain system laid on the entire course is necessary.

You will be surprised to know how bad drainage can affect the golf course. First of all, consistently wet regions on the course will call for regular closure, which is going to put a big dent in your annual revenue. Moreover, bad drainage can also disrupt cart driving; it will become more dangerous because of a loss of traction.

The only instance in which you will be able to operate the golf course is if the weather is really hot and sunny – that is the only way all that water will disappear thanks to evaporation. But as soon as it rains, you can say good bye to all the golfers – and keep in mind that they will not be returning.

The central purpose of a trench drain installed throughout the golf course is to lead all the water far away from the grass, especially when it rains like cats and dogs. Moreover, a professional installed drainage system will also help keep the turf fresh and damage-free.

But before you get a trench gate installed, it is important to first identify where all the surface water will accumulate and then drain. For example, if all that water will exit into a waterway, it is important that you first get the permission from the regulatory authorities to install a drain there.

The next step is to hire a reputable drainage company experienced in installing different types of drainage system on such a massive terrain. Professionals will first evaluate the site and then proceed to highlighting different areas in the region for example, wetland regions on the golf course, low points, watercourse, etc. They will also analyze the soil on the terrain to figure out how exactly the soil will allow all the water to effectively drain.

The designer you hire will map the critical areas throughout the golf course. He will mark the terrain using contour lines - determining surface drainage while also designing a systematic flow for the drainage to make the golf course more appealing. The trench drain will take in all the water puddle on the surface and immediately route it lower regions.

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