Trench Drains For Loading Docks

A few things should be considered

…when working out the right specifications for loading dock drainage.
  • How much water flow is expected to be drained?
  • How much heavy traffic is expected? Whether it’s heavy trucks or forklifts.
  • Which width of the grates do you have to use?

Generally speaking

Loading docks apply a grate with a H20 or H25 load bearing class D or E. If there is a lot of expected forklift traffic use a class E load bearing. Loading docks typically use 12” or 14” wide cast iron trench grates.

When choosing a trench drain for loading docks ask yourself first

  • Do the grates need to be ADA (Americans with disabilities act)?
  • How heavy does the load bearing of the grates need to handle?
  • Which grate style do you need?