Trench Drains For Gas Stations

Gas station trench drain grates need to be strong enough to withstand the weight of gas refueling trucks

The last thing a refueling pump needs is water pooling around the pumps and entrances. Gas station trench drain systems are generally found on the entrance and exit of the gas station. The grates typically span the width of the exit and entrance.

Our Recommendations

It’s good practice to use ADA grates as pedestrians may walk in and out over the entranceways. We recommend using 12” wide cast iron grates with at least a 1 ½” thickness. These grates are usually used with cast iron or steel frames and set on top of a pre-cast concrete channel.

Gas stations, Driveways and Refueling Stations generally all use the 12” wide standard. Anything smaller, may not adequately drain heavy rainfall and anything larger is usually not necessary. 14” grates are also widely used since they are a commonly stocked item.

Metal Manholes And Catch Basins

Gas station and refuel station drainage is an integral part to a properly function gas station. We can also furnish the metal manholes and catch basins which go here.