Trench Drains For Breweries

Whether it’s inside the coolers, by the fermenters or in the bottling area

The brewery trench drain is a necessity when planning the brewery. Trench drain systems in breweries are best to be in stainless steel so they don’t corrode or deform. They are usually sloped ¼” per foot.

We can guide you through the brewery buildout process

Trench drains are found in breweries in between the fermenters, in the bottling area, the walk in cooler, loading areas and brewery floor.

Depending on how big your brewery is, we can formulate how much water you will expect to be using

Sloped systems with 4” grates are usually the starting point. Plastic, stainless steel, bronze and cast iron have all been used but in areas with chemicals stainless steel is the best solution as it doesn’t react to the chemicals used as much as the others. Plastic grates can become warped over time.

There are different things to consider the brewery buildout process

There are also different ideas for the catch basin

If it’s just replacement grates for an original system or an entire new system give us a call to go over your options. We have solutions for whatever job.