Trench Drains For Airports

Airport trench drains come in a few different options

Swiftdrain airport trench drain need to ensure proper load bearing, stability and longevity. Planes call for some of the heaviest load requirements. Within airport classes are subclasses depending on how large the aircrafts are.

County airports

County airports generally call for a class D rating. 4” wide ductile iron grates with a sloped system are generally used. Because planes are smaller ductile iron grates are suitable. Load ratings are usually D or E.

Municipal airports

Municipal airports usually use cast or ductile iron grates such as 8” wide or 12” wide. Load ratings generally call for E or F. The runways may expect larger planes by the hangars so if only small private planes are expected sometimes these airports use a smaller system by the hangar. Sloped systems are generally used.

International airports

International airports call for large trench grates with bolt down mechanisms. They can be 12” wide or 14” wide and up. The grates generally have a larger open area to efficiently drain water flow In the event of rainy weather. The bolts ensure that the grates do not shift or get sucked up into the airplane. Larger Airports generally call for a class E or F rating. The channels may even be larger than a yard deep.

Fun fact: The first and second time trench grates were used was in an airport in England.

Airport trench drains require a bolting mechanism to offer greater stability
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