R-4990-CX 12″ Trench Drain Grate

R-4990-CX 12″ Trench Drain Grate

Grate Length : 24″
Grate Width (OD) : 12″
Clear Opening (ID) : 10″
Outlet Sizes : 3″ S&D, 4″ S&D
Available Depth : 2-5/8″, 4-3/4″
Max. Flow Rate : 75.95 GPM, per foot


R-4990-CX 12″ Trench Drain Grate – F

Grate Length24″
Grate Width (OD)12″
Channel Width (ID)10″
Outlet Sizes3″ S&D, 4″ S&D
Available Depth1.5″
Max. Flow Rate71.95 GPM, per foot


12″ x 24″ Neenah Foundry Trench Drain Grate

3 grate types of plastic, cast iron and nylon can allot this system to reach heavy forklift traffic

R-4990-CX 12″ Trench Drain Grate


  • Highway rated
  • Heavy Duty Cast Iron
  • Made in USA
  • Type A, B, C, D Covers
  • Comes with or without frames (rails)
  • Components resist fading and cracking from the sun
  • Comes unpainted
  • Multiple sizes and configurations

Materials: All frames and grates or lids are made in standard gray iron, meeting ASTM-A48 Class 35-B for heavy-duty use. For extra heavy-duty use or
superior durability requirements, see our ductile iron Airport and Port Grating Series on page 286.
Neenah recommends project designers avoid the use of light duty trench installations because it is likely that applications will be subjected to heavy
delivery vehicle traffic at some time. Furthermore, the use of a site could be changed to heavy duty use patterns at some unanticipated future date.


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Type A, B, C, D Grates Available

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