10″ Pro Plus 200 by Mea Josam

10″ Pro Plus 200 by Mea Josam

Channel Length : 1 meter (39-3/8″), 1/2 meter (19-3/4″)
Channel Width (OD) : 10″ (ID) : 8″

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MEA-Josam Pro-Plus 200

The 10″ Pro-Plus 200 features non-sloped and sloped modular channels for high volume water flow and storage.  With an 8″ interior, the Pro-Plus 200 system is perfect for draining surface runoff across large open areas.  Use the Pro 200 trench drain for commercial and industrial applications.  Standard and Starfix grates are available.

Channel Length1 meter (39-3/8″), 1/2 meter (19-3/4″)
Channel Width (OD)10″
Channel Width (ID)8″
Outlet Sizes4″, 6″ end, bottom
Max. Flow Rate1014 GPM

Pro plus 200 technical specs

Technical Specifications

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