Pre Sloped Trench Drain

An intro to the Pre Sloped Trench Drain


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By definition, water should generate enough momentum in a trench drain to reach the outlet.  For longer runs and lower volume applications a slope will aid in desired water flow.  A Pre sloped trench drain can solve most linear drainage problems with easily joining HDPE connecting channels which are usually sloped 1 degree per foot or .7%.  The channels come numbered with arrows so you know which one connects to which for fast and easy installation.  There are different grate options one can choose as well.  Generally speaking, plastic for light duty applications, cast iron for medium duty applications and ductile iron for more heavy duty applications. 304 and 316 stainless steel can also be used for environments for prone to high temperatures and chemical agents.  For areas with high fork lift traffic, such as breweries and food processing areas ductile iron frames can be implemented for added strength and durability.

There are a few manufacturers out there that produce the pre sloped trench drain.  NDS, Polycast, Josam and Swiftdrain all make reputable products.  Filcoten which recently upped their US marketing efforts this past year makes a durable system with 3 different classes, the Filocten 100, Filcoten 200 and Filcoten 300, perfect from anything to breweries to airports.

When designing the system application.  Keep in mind a few things.  Where will the catch basins be? Where will the system start and end.  Also, a combination between neutral and sloped channels can be used for larger runs.  Added accessories such as sediment trash buckets and ductile iron frames can also be used to reach desired specifications. Trash buckets are placed like strainers inside the catch basin.  They can easily be removed to empty out debris and replaced.  Ductile iron frames are placed on the channels and the grates sit on top of the frames.

At TDM we’ll design and plan your trench drain system.  We issue free CAD plans with every quote.  We represent all the top manufacturers and can find and plan a trench drain system that will last for years to come.  There are a few other companies out there, but we don't play around when it comes to drainage.


pre sloped trench drain

pre sloped trench drain


cast iron frames

cast iron frames

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