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NDS Dura Slope Trench Drains

NDS Dura Slope


  • Easier handling and installation than concrete systems
  • 0.7% pre-sloped channels maintain optimal flow rates
  • HDPE material offers high chemical resistance and durability
  • ProFit™ locking system locks grate to integral frame for stability
  • Channels come numbered with arrows for easy install
  • Components join together without couplers
  • Drain from end of outlet or built-in bottom outlet
  • Multiple channel depth and grate options available

When it comes to trench drains, the NDS Dura Slope Trench Drain system is the most customizable and dependable. It’s continually the go-to drainage solution for driveways, parking areas, warehouses, loading docks, pools, wash-down areas, athletic fields, and other areas that experience surface run-off. Durably made from HDPE, the NDS Dura Slope system offers the strength of a concrete trench system without the costly installation. Instead, this modular system uses interlocking 0.7% sloped and neutral channels–no couplers required.

Simply choose amongst its many design, color, and size options to create a custom trench drain system that meets the drainage needs of your residential, commercial, municipal, or industrial property.  

Easy to Install

The NDS Dura Slope’s lightweight modular components allow for easier handling and installation. Each channel has a tongue and groove connection with tabs that hold the channels together. In addition, the pieces are marked with numbers and arrows to avoid mistakes during install. LeveLoc™ re-bar supports on the side hold the rebar in place too.

The NDS Dura Slope catch basin with optional trash bucket also locks in with the same tongue and groove connection. For this system, you only need screws to secure the grates and cap off the outlets that aren’t in use. Compared to installing a traditional concrete system, installing this plastic trench drain system is budget-friendly and fast.

Variety of Grate Options Available

The NDS Dura Slope system offers NDS’s widest selection of grating, including ADA-compliant and heel-proof options. Its plastic grates come in two patterns and seven colors–black, white, gray, dark gray, green, sand and brick red. They are rated for pedestrian and light traffic use.

NDS Dura Slope galvanized and stainless steel grates have a pedestrian and heavy traffic load rating. These materials resist corrosion and are easy to sanitize. They work great in industrial and sanitary applications like chemical plants or breweries. Other options include cast iron, ductile iron, and decorative ductile iron. When used with the optional ductile iron frame, the cast and ductile iron grates provide a Class D load rating. They allow for heavier traffic like forklifts, making them a great option for warehouses, factories, and shipping companies.

EZ Track Radius Couplings

Add EZ track radius couplings to your Dura Slope system for radius, perimeter, and circular applications. They were designed specifically for draining running tracks but also work great to drain around pools or enclosures. These flexible radius couplings allow 3 degrees of deflection between sections, so you can easily create the radius you need. All components snap into place, eliminating the need for special tools.



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