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Pre-assembled Channel Drain Systems

The pre-assembled Modular Pro Series channel drains are efficient, easy to use and will decrease installation time. They quickly remove water from hardscapes as perimeter drains and direct it away from building structures or any other area requiring surface drainage.

The new 3″ and 5″ wide pre-assembled channel drains include a one meter (39 3/4″) of channel drain and grate, 1 end outlet, and 1 end cap. A bottom outlet is built into each channel section. This allows for easy ordering and less inventorying, as everything is included under one part number.

Our unique Pro Series interlocking channel design allows each channel to securely lock to the next for a secure, tight fit. This innovative and patented design eliminates the need for couplings. The pre-assembled Pro Series Channel drains are a great solution for your drainage needs.