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4 inch Channel Drains

4 inch channel drains are ideal for commercial as well as residential applications. Effective in everything from patios to light vehicular traffic areas these 4″ wide systems come in 4′ or 10′ lengths. Material is made of HDPE (poly) for easy handling.  Still good for light vehicular traffic. 4 inch channel drains can be equipped with end caps, end outlets, pipe adapters, bottom outlets and catch basins.

4 inch channel drains NDS Spee D by Trench Drain Materials are an effective and pocket friendly way to evacuate water buildup. The systems can come sloped or neutral. Channels can come in 4′ or 10′ sections. Grates are 4″ wide and come in 3′ sections.  Grate colors are available in red, green, blue, brown, grey, yellow, white, bronze, galvinized steel, unpainted, rustic iron and clear. 4″ channel drains are a great way to handle most light duty residential applications.

Each system section consists of a channel, grate, coupling, end cap or end outlet, sewer or drain fitting and drain pipe. Load rating of Class B or light driveway traffic.

4 inch channel drains sketch

4 inch channel drains