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Load Rating For Trench Drains

Load rating was made to indicate how much weight or load the grates can withstand without being damaged or becoming warped.

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There are 6 classes within the DIN 19580 international guideline

Pedestrian – Load Class A

3,372lbs. – 15 kN

For residential and pedestrian applications

Automobile – Load Class B

28,100lbs. – 125 kN

Light veichular traffic such as parking lots

Delivery Truck – Load Class C

56,200lbs. – 250 kN

Where delivery trucks may go over such as parking lots and loading areas

Semi truck – Load Class D

89,920lbs. – 400 kN

Capable of withstanding semi trucks

Fork lift and Airplane Load Class E

134,800lbs. – 600 kN

Capable of withstanding forklifts and airplanes such a industrial areas, airports and loading docks

Semi truck and Airplane Load Class F

202,320lbs. – 900 kN

High impact wheel loads capable of withstanding airplanes and semi’s such as airport runways

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