Heavy Duty Trench Drain

Heavy Duty Trench Drain and Grates

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The Heavy Duty Trench Drain can be found on highways, airports, loading docks, warehouses, gas stations and anywhere heavy load applications are needed.  They can be set on a concrete pour or a HDPE drain.  Standard widths come in 8”, 10” 12”, 14”, 16” and up.  Usual thicknesses come in 1 ½”, 1 ¾” and 2” and up for cast iron and ductile iron.  In recent years, steel has also been used, but generally speaking cast iron and ductile iron are the go to materials for heavy duty loads.

The Heavy Duty trench drain needs to be strong enough to carry the weight load of semi-trucks, trucks, airplanes, forklifts and others.  Yes, forklifts can be grouped in the same category as some large veichles, in terms of load-bearing requirements since the heaviness of the load is allocated on a smaller wheel, meaning a higher pound per square inch. For trench drains used in airport applications bolts are recommended to prevent any shifting or grates getting pulled into the engine.

Our heavy duty trench drain come in standard 10”, 12” and 14” widths.  Anything larger is generally unnecessary.  We furnish our grates in decorative designs, ADA, thin slots, horizontal slots depending on the application.  If you expect pedestrian traffic, it may be best to use an ADA (American with Disabilities Act) grate in case folks with crutches will walk over it.  Decorative grates can be used where you want to add a nice accent or design.

The Heavy duty trench drain and grates can be furnished with frames and placed on concrete channels.  HDPE channels can also be used for some applications.  These systems can be sloped or neutral depending on how much water flow is expected. For sloped systems, it may be best to employ a HDPE drain as concrete pours can be more complex when there is a slope.  With HDPE the slope is built into the pre fabricated channel and corners can be fabricated per the requirement.

These trench drains need to be able to withstand some of the heaviest loads around, from airplanes to tractor trailers.  Warehouses and loading docks also use greater tensile strength grates in order to withhold the fork lifts and loads that may drive over them.  Widths are chosen based on expected water flow.  Whether its for a highway, bridge, road, driveway or brewery, give us a call today, we got you covered.  Our grates have been approved and used in countless municipalities across the country.

Fun Fact: One of the first heavy duty trench drains were used in an airport in England. Contact us for any questions or more fun facts.

Give us a call today to discuss different options on Heavy Duty Trench Drains.  We offer the most competitive pricing and service in the industry. Often imitated but never duplicated. Check out some common sizes here :  Heavy Duty Trench Drains



Heavy Duty Trench Drain

Typical Trench Drain Installation

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