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How long does shipping take?
Generally, 3-5 days for stock items.
Where do you ship?
We ship all over the States and can ship worldwide.
What width should I use?
This depends on the project, but anything from 6”-12” can handle most typical use cases.
Do I need a sloped system?
This depends on the length of the run. It is advised to have certain bottom outlet configurations or slope for some projects.
What is the difference between a trench drain system and pour in place?
Trench drain systems are preformed, often made of HDPE or a polymer, concrete composite. Pour in place is a formed trench where concrete is poured in place and the grates are placed on top of the poured structure.
What pipe should I use?
Generally, a schedule 40 pipe.
What is a catch basin?
A catch basin is a product used at the end of a trench drain run to filter out debris and or other sediments before the water or other liquid evacuates.

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