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Pro Series Channel Drain System

NDS Dura Slope™continues to be a high quality,dependable and best in class trench drain system. The NDS Dura Slope™trench drain system also continues to be the best choice for a variety of drainage solutions, including: driveways, parking areas, warehouses, loading docks, pools, wash down areas and other areas for the interception and collection of surface run-off. Dura Slope™pre-sloped and neutral trench drain system provides a solution for your residential, commercial, industrial and municipal drainage needs.

NDS provides Blank Grate Inserts and grate screws with the Dura Slope™trench drain system, including the catch basin. Each of these items ships with every section of Dura Slope™. The blank grate insert eliminates the use of plywood during installation so it is not necessary to order grate screws for the initial installation.