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The NDS Dura Slope trench drain system consists of 33 channel sections; 24 pre-sloped sections with 0.7% built in slope and 9 neutral sections. The system also has a catch basin assembly. All Dura Slope channel sections are 48″ long, grip #3 and #4 rebar and support 6″ wide grates. Dura Slope channel sections are also available in depths from 4″ to 12″.

The sloped channel sections enable the Dura Slope system to extend to a length of 96 feet with continuous slope. The neutral channel sections can be used for non-sloped system runs or can be used in conjunction with the pre-sloped channel sections for an extended system run of 132 feet. By incorporating central collection using the catch basin assembly, the Dura Slope trench drain system can be extended up to 266 feet.

The ProFit locking system maintains structural integrity during installation, and is a locking device and support for the grates. Each channel section ships with ProFit Blank Grate Inserts and grate screws installed.