Trench Drains For Pools

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Whether it’s properly draining precipitation or collecting water splashing from the room trench drains are a suitable application for proper pool drainage. Both neutral and sloped trench drains can be used. A radius system or linear system can be used.

Keep in mind

Think about where you want the water to go. A catch basin to filter the water and reuse is always a good, environmentally friendly idea.

Grate Styles

The most cost effective route would be a 4” plastic grate on a polymer concrete body. Pool water may splash onto the surrounding patio or courtyard. Pool trench drains are an efficient way to divert water back into the filtration system or onto a nearby catch basin or pipe. If you want to give your pool more of an accent, bronze, copper, stainless, or cast iron can be used. Decorative designs and artistic designs are available to create beautiful designs.

Our recommendation

We recommend ADA grates so people don’t injure themselves. Also, UV-resistant finishes are a good idea to protect the integrity of the grate over time. Grates with better traction when wet can prevent slipping when entering and exiting the pool.

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