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Normal Neutral Systems

Our go to trench drain system is the NDS Pro Series System.

The NDS Pro Series is a lightweight Channel drain system with interlocking joints, so connections are made quickly and easily. The modular design offers flexibility as each 20″ section of channel can be snapped together for longer runs or divided down to lengths as short as 4″ for smaller, interlocking sections.

Lightweight parts connect easily to sewer and drain pipe and fittings or SCH 40 pipe and fittings, and side and bottom outlets can be connected anywhere along the channel run.

  • Create a channel as long as you need, or reduce to lengths as short as 4″ for smaller, interlocking sections.
  • End cap/knock-out end and outlet fitting simplifies assembly and installation.
  • Flexible and easy: side and bottom outlets can be inserted at any location along the channel run.
  • Available in four widths: 3″, 5″, 8″ and 12″
  • Available in two depths: deep for heavy flows, shallow for slabs or where little fall depth is available.
  • Modular design comes in 1/2 meter (19 11/16″) and 1 meter (39 3/8″) pieces with interlocking end joints
  • Joints eliminate couplings and are specially designed to withstand concrete expansion and contraction.

5″ Channel Drains

8″ Channel Drains

12″ Channel Drains