All About Hydrant Fenders

Fire Hydrant Fenders

Fire hydrant fenders can be seen all around New York State.  Fenders are made out of class 80 steel pipe, a strong and durable material.  Fenders are placed around fire hydrants to protect them from the adventurous and notorious New York driver.  Hydrant fenders are either placed in groups of two or four adjacent to the hydrants on the sidewalk.  Like an ice berg, most of the body is beneath the surface of the sidewalk and they measure at 6 foot 3 inches in length.  To provide enough strength they have a diameter of 5 inches and filled for lasting durability.

Hydrant fenders come in two variations, with standard caps or historic caps.  Depending on the project specifications, both are still used.  The caps are made of durable cast iron conforming to class 30 specifications.  The standard and historic hydrant fender caps also are scheduled in ASTM A48 and A48M-03.  In recent years, New York has been using mostly the standard cap.

Two of the standard specifications which are used, are made by a company called American Cast Iron Products (Amercast).  New York has adapted a more traditional and pragmatic approach when it comes to these products.  They may not be flashy, they may not be beautiful bollards, but they’re durable and they work.

Fender color choices come in a few different variations.  The most common colors are traditional yellow and red.  Over the years black finishes have also been used for private jobs.  Colors can also be customized to match University colors or company logos. Nowadays, more artistic colors are being used with decorative bollards.

When it comes to fire safety and the placement of hydrant fenders, no detail is left un-accounted for and there is no room for error.  The DEP approves and oversees fire hydrant installations for all projects including new installs and fire hydrant relocation.  All aspects must be according to specification including cement levels, grade and thickness.  After installation, the hydrant and fender becomes property of the municipality which it is placed.


Fire Hydrant Setup

Two fenders installed around one hydrant

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