Traffic Rated Trench Drain

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Traffic Rated Trench Drain When it comes to most heavy duty trench drain commercial applications or traffic rated trench drains a few things need to be considered. What load bearing should be used? What material should be used? What channel should be used? What slot style should be used? The load bearing is dictated by

Restaurant Trench Drains

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Josam by Swiftdrain Stainless Steel Trench Drain More often than not stainless steel trench drains are used in most restaurant trench drainage applications.  Stainless steel has a high chemical resistance to most industrial grade chemicals and a high specific heat, which means it can handle more extreme temperatures.  It is also thought to

NDS Trench Drain and Drainage Products

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NDS Trench Drain NDS is a leader in trench drain supplies and at TDM we are proud to be distributing their products. Their trench drainage lines break down into a few different categories: -Channel Drain -Pro Series -Dura Slope -Filcoten The NDS trench drain channel drain series are categories of smaller drain channels ideal for

Heavy Duty Trench Drain

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Heavy Duty Trench Drain and Grates Check out some heavy duty products here Heavy Duty Trench Drain Grates Product list The Heavy Duty Trench Drain can be found on highways, airports, loading docks, warehouses, gas stations and anywhere heavy load applications are needed.  They can be set on a concrete pour or a HDPE drain. 

All About Hydrant Fenders

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Fire Hydrant Fenders Fire hydrant fenders can be seen all around New York State.  Fenders are made out of class 80 steel pipe, a strong and durable material.  Fenders are placed around fire hydrants to protect them from the adventurous and notorious New York driver.  Hydrant fenders are either placed in groups of two or