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Traffic Rated Trench Drain

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Traffic Rated Trench Drain When it comes to most heavy duty trench drain commercial applications or traffic rated trench drains a few things need to be considered. What load bearing should be used? What material should be used? What channel should be used? What slot style should be used? The load bearing is dictated by

Restaurant Trench Drains

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Josam by Swiftdrain Stainless Steel Trench Drain More often than not stainless steel trench drains are used in most restaurant trench drainage applications.  Stainless steel has a high chemical resistance to most industrial grade chemicals and a high specific heat, which means it can handle more extreme temperatures.  It is also thought to

Pre Sloped Trench Drain

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An intro to the Pre Sloped Trench Drain       By definition, water should generate enough momentum in a trench drain to reach the outlet.  For longer runs and lower volume applications a slope will aid in desired water flow.  A Pre sloped trench drain can solve most linear drainage problems with

Trench Grates

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Trench Grates   There are so many different styles, materials and types of trench grates out there.  Let’s take a look at which ones to use and what some of the differences are.  Generally speaking, trench grates are furnished in cast iron, ductile iron, mild steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, plastic, copper and bronze.  They

NDS Trench Drain and Drainage Products

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NDS Trench Drain NDS is a leader in trench drain supplies and at TDM we are proud to be distributing their products. Their trench drainage lines break down into a few different categories: -Channel Drain -Pro Series -Dura Slope -Filcoten The NDS trench drain channel drain series are categories of smaller drain channels ideal for

Stainless Steel Trench Drain

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Stainless Steel Trench Drain - when to use them and all about their applications We've heard that traditional cast iron grates, plastic grates and steel grates just don't cut it sometimes.  Stainless steel trench drains and stainless steel trench drain systems come in various sizes and can be customized and made to order for exact

Commercial Trench Drain

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Commercial Trench Drain and Trench Drain Grates Design patterns for commercial trench drain and roadways can be broadly classified into four different categories such as triangular or restricted gutter flow, sheet flow, applications related to curb return, and designs for retrofitting or designing.  In general, a triangular gutter flow application is found within a gutter

New York Trench Drain Leaders

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New York Trench Drain leaders. We are the leader for trench drain products in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey.  Whether it’s a heavy duty trench drain system for a warehouse, residential driveway drainage system for your home, stainless steel brewery drain for your brewery or plastic drain system for your vets office, we have